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Ringing is sometimes a drag!

  Recent activities   Dragging the meadow. Matt on the left and Dave on the right are pulling the net, Gordon, Alan and Jan are walking behind the trailing edgeRinging is sometimes a drag! Drag netting can be hard work, but it’s the best way to catch one of our most enigmatic waders, writes Roger […]

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Drabs and Dribs

Recent activitiesThe author looking for another Dunnock. (Roger Emmens)Drabs and Dribs …or, how counting Dunnocks can be fun! A report by Brian Milligan To be honest, it sounded like a difficult sell: get up early on a freezing morning in December and count the dribs and drabs of the birding world: the Dunnocks, the Wrens […]

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RMRG’s very own D-day

Recent activities Saturday 3 June 2017: RMRG’s very own D-day The heroic story of an amphibian operation codenamed E-day involving two vessels and some 300 Black-headed Gulls – a report from the Seamen’s Mess by Brian Milligan Exactly 73 years ago allied commanders were putting the final touches to their plans for the Normandy Landings. […]

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Record-breaking Black-tailed Godwit

Recent activitiesBlack-tailed Godwit flock (Jay Ward)Record-breaking Black-tailed Godwit I was lucky enough to be sitting in the Gadwall hide at RSPB Rye Meads on the morning of Sunday 25th June 2017. A female Garganey had been spotted on the reserve the day before so I was scanning through the loafing birds, trying to find it. […]

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Hail to the Emperor!

Recent activities Hail to the Emperor! At the recent Rye Meads RSPB Fun Day, Site Manager Vicky Buckel produced some Emperor Moth pheremone from the freezer, with startling results, as reported by Roger Emmens. On the afternoon of the recent RSPB Fun Day at Rye Meads, Site Manager Vicky Buckel announced she had some Emperor […]

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