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May – June 2018

Observations May – June 2018 Mute Swans reached record numbers for the second year running with the post- and non-breeding flock rising to 76 by mid June. The last two Shelduck departed in mid May but our resident Wigeon remained throughout. A pair of Garganey were seen intermittently together and singly, possibly indicating a breeding […]

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Pullus ringing does give interesting results

Ringing and Results   Reed Warbler (Roger Emmens)Pullus ringing does give interesting results Toby Spall has been a dedicated nest-finder and pullus-ringer for more years than he cares to remember – you may have read his article in the recent issue of BTO News. But he still finds great pleasure in small rewards from this activity, […]

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Ringing review of 2017

Ringing and Results Ringing review of 2017 Ringing highlights included 10 Little Grebes, 3 Great Crested Grebes, Nightingale and Tree Pipit, and records for Black-headed Gull, Blue Tit, Chiffchaff and Goldfinch. The table shows the totals of birds ringed at Rye Meads by species, covering the last two complete calendar years and the grand totals […]

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From Iceland to Israel – our birds go a long way!

Recent activitiesBlack-tailed Godwits (Jay Ward)From Iceland to Israel – our birds go a long way! One of the best things about ringing, besides the privilege of examining always fascinating and often really lovely birds in the hand, is getting information about their movements. It is after all the main reason for all the hard effort […]

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Drabs and Dribs

Recent activitiesThe author looking for another Dunnock. (Roger Emmens)Drabs and Dribs …or, how counting Dunnocks can be fun! A report by Brian Milligan To be honest, it sounded like a difficult sell: get up early on a freezing morning in December and count the dribs and drabs of the birding world: the Dunnocks, the Wrens […]

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