Information and events

This page contains general information on activities and events that the Group is involved in. It is particularly aimed at our ringing members and helpers, but will also be of interest for other visitors to Rye Meads.

Ringers’ pages are here (access by invitation only).

Public events

Showing the birds to visitors

Please note that due to the Avian Influenza outbreak and in accordance with RSPB policy, all ringing demonstrations have been cancelled until further notice.

Wetland Bird Survey

This survey, usually known simply as WeBS, aims to make co-ordinated national counts of all wetland birds in order to monitor populations, both wintering and breeding. We count the birds of Rye Meads, including the sewage works site. The 2023 count dates are as follows:

22nd January

19th February

12th March

23rd April

21st May

18th June

9th July

20th August

17th September

15th October

19th November

17th December

(These are SUNDAYS – note actual count date may be the SATURDAY of that weekend at the discretion of the counter. RMRG customarily suspends WeBS counts during April-August to focus on breeding survey work.)

Constant Effort Sites

The CES Scheme requires timed ringing sessions at specific date periods using the same net sites through the summer, so as to provide at a national level statistically significant catch numbers to monitor population trends and breeding productivity. The 2023 visit dates are as follows.

Visit 1 Sunday 30 April to Wednesday 10 May

Visit 2 Thursday 11 May to Saturday 20 May

Visit 3 Sunday 21 May to Wednesday 31 May

Visit 4 Thursday 1 June to Saturday 10 June

Visit 5 Sunday 11 June to Wednesday 21 June

Visit 6 Thursday 22 June to Saturday 1 July

Visit 7 Sunday 2 July to Wednesday 12 July

Visit 8 Thursday 13 July to Saturday 22 July

Visit 9 Sunday 23 July to Wednesday 2 August

Visit 10 Thursday 3 August to Saturday 12 August

Visit 11 Sunday 13 August to Wednesday 23 August

Visit 12 Thursday 24 August to Saturday 2 September