Scientific papers using our data

Juvenile Reed Warbler showing growth bar in remiges

Since 1960, the Group has accumulated data on more than a quarter of a million ringed birds, as well as large numbers of retraps, controls and recoveries.

This data, as well as information about other wildlife at Rye Meads, has contributed to many papers published about various aspects of our birds and other wildlife.

We would be pleased to make copies of papers available, and to provide access to our data, for any academics and researchers working in the conservation sector, and we would be delighted to see our data used in scientific work. We have a Data Terms Policy available on request. Please do get in touch if these data are of interest to you and your studies.

Here is a list of papers published by the Group in our Reports.
ReportPeriod coveredTitleAuthor
21st2016-2018Bat Recording at Rye Meads in 2018Alan Harris
20th2013-2015Movements of Pullus-ringed Gadwall at Rye MeadsAlan Harris
20th2013-2015Movements of Tufted Duck from Rye MeadsAlan Harris
20th2013-2015Black-necked Grebe: incubation times by sexToby Spall
19th2010-201250 years of ringingRoger Emmens
19th2010-2012The breeding birds of Rye Meads 2001-2014Alan Harris
19th2010-2012Heteroptera (True-Bugs) of Rye Meads, 2001-2013Bernard Nau
18th2007-2009The Mammals, Reptiles and Amphibians of Rye Meads – a review of the period 1960-2009 Alan Harris
18th2007-2009Trends in wing-length of Willow Warblers at Rye Meads 1965 – 2006Roger Emmens
17th2004-2006The Butterflies of Rye Meads 1960-2006Toby Spall
16th2001-2003Painted Lady at Rye Meads - an unprecedented movementToby Spall
16th2001-2003Biometrics of the Little Grebe at Rye MeadsAlan Harris
15th1998-2000Common Terns at Rye Meads 1972-2000Paul Roper & Alan Harris
15th1998-2000The Water Rail (Rallus aquaticus) at Rye MeadsPaul Collins
15th1998-2000Wintering Chiffchaffs at Rye Meads 1961-2001Toby Spall
15th1998-2000Chiffchaff showing characteristics of the race tristis, Rye Meads, Herts. 14 November 1999 to 18 December 1999Alan Harris & Paul Roper
15th1998-2000An update of moths (Lepidoptera) at Rye Meads, HertfordshireA.J. Harris & Colin W. Plant
15th1998-2000The True-Bugs of Rye MeadsBernard Nau
14th1995-1997Great Snipe Gallinago media at Rye Meads 30th Sept - 1st Oct 1996Paul Roper
14th1995-1997Little Bittern - Rye Meads, Hertfordshire 17-18 May 1997Alan Harris
14th1995-1997The status of Odonata at Rye Meads 1996Mike Harris
14th1995-1997Spider list of Rye MeadsDave Carr
13th1992-1995Post-juvenile moult in the Bullfinch at Rye Meads, HertfordshireAlan Harris
13th1992-1995The status of Water Pipits Anthus spinoletta at Rye Meads Sewage Works, HertfordshirePaul Roper
12th1989-1991Sexing of Sedge Warblers using wing lengthJason Bishop & Roger Emmens
12th1989-1991The Mallard at Rye Meads - Ringing recoveriesAlan Harris
12th1989-1991The Mallard at Rye Meads 1961-1989Alan Harris
12th1989-1991Butterflies at Rye Meads 1986-1991Toby Spall
11th1986-1988Futher notes on wintering Chiffchaffs at Rye MeadsA J Harris
11th1986-1988Barn Owl diet at Rye MeadsC W Dee
11th1986-1988The Breeding Population of Tree Sparrows at Rye MeadsP Leader & J Melling
11th1986-1988The occurrence of Coccidia in the intestines of a sample of birds at Rye MeadsT Spall
11th1986-1988The Moths (Macrolepidoptera) of Rye Meads - a provisional listA J Harris
11th1986-1988Changes in the Status and Autumn Numbers of Sylvia Warblers at Rye MeadsC W Dee
10th1983-1985The Autumn departure of pullus ringed Sedge Warblers from Rye MeadsA J Harris
10th1983-1985The growth and production of an inland Common Tern colony at Rye MeadsA J Harris
10th1983-1985Further notes on the status of Butterflies at Rye MeadsT Spall
9th1977-1982[no papers]
8th1974-1976Kingfishers at Rye MeadsA Reynolds
8th1974-1976Measurements of Rye Meads SkylarksM Harris & J Melling
8th1974-1976Monthly weight variation of Redwing and Fieldfare at Rye MeadsJ Melling
8th1974-1976Fungi on Rye House MarshK A Roberts
8th1974-1976Wing moult of Finches at Rye MeadsP M Back
7th1971-1973The seasonal abundance of Sylvia and Phylloscopus Warblers at Rye MeadsJ Melling
7th1971-1973Measurements made on Great Crested Grebe eggs during the incubation periodA Reynolds
7th1971-1973The monitoring of Warbler populations by mist nettingJ Melling
7th1971-1973A review of the Recoveries and Controls at Rye Meads reported up to the end of 1973A Reynolds
7th1971-1973Weights and wing lengths of Reed Buntings at Rye MeadsA Reynolds
7th1971-1973Notes on the status of Butterflies at Rye MeadsT Spall
7th1971-1973A Kingfisher parasite - Ligula intestinalisJ Ewin
6th1968-1970Weight Changes in House Sparrows at Rye MeadsR J O’Connor
6th1968-1970Retrap Records and Survival Estimates for Passerines at Rye MeadsJ Melling
6th1968-1970Further Notes on the Aquatic Hemitera-Heteroptera of Rye MeadsB S Nau
5th1966-1967The occurrence of a Solitary Sandpiper at Rye MeadsA Prater
5th1966-1967The variation of the weights and wing lengths of Blackbirds at Rye MeadsA Prater
5th1966-1967Monthly weight variation of post juvenile Song Thrushes at Rye MeadsJ Melling
5th1966-1967Mollusca of Rye MeadsDr. L Lloyd Evans
4th1964-1965Ageing of Reed WarblersJ Crudass & T R E Devlin
4th1964-1965Bird parasitesDr. L Lloyd Evans
4th1964-1965Mammals at Rye Meads and analysis of Barn Owl pelletsT R E Devlin & Dr. L Lloyd Evans
4th1964-1965Further studies of the Greenfinch at Rye MeadsB S Nau
3rd1963Bird ParasitesDr L Lloyd-Evans
3rd1963Variability in Reed WarblersJ Crudass & T R E Devlin
3rd1963The Water Bugs of Rye MeadsB S Nau
3rd1963The Ringing Study of Greenfinch WeightsDr L Lloyd-Evans & B S Nau
3rd1963Notes on Bats at Rye MeadsT Lloyd-Evans & C R Wisbey
3rd1963Immigrant Blackbirds at Rye MeadsB S Nau
3rd1963Dunnock Wing FormulaeB S Nau
3rd1963An Analysis of Sand Martin WeightsT R E Devlin
3rd1963Weights and Measurements of Birds at Rye Meads (Part 2)B S Nau
2nd1962Preliminary Flora of Rye MeadsDr L Lloyd-Evans
2nd1962Accuracy of MeasurementsB S Nau
2nd1962Sex ratios of Linnets, Reed Buntings and House Sparrows ringed at Rye MeadsAnon (B S Nau ?)
2nd1962Analysis of some passerine weightsAnon (B S Nau ?)
2nd1962Measurements of ten speciesAnon (B S Nau ?)
1st1961[no papers]