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Here is our blog about our work, what we are up to at present, what conclusions we have drawn from the quarter of a million birds ringed to date in the Group's existence.

It includes thoughts about various matters ornithological, from ageing and sexing to trapping methods.

We always welcome contact from other ringers and ringing groups.

  • Tales from the Slick

    Tales from the Slick

    Scillies pelagic - or, Three Men in a Boat! Alan Harris recounts the experiences of an RMRG expedition to see pelagic seabirds off Scilly.

  • Dr. Bernard Nau 1937-2021

    Dr. Bernard Nau 1937-2021

    With regret we report the death of Dr. Bernard Nau, a founder member of the Group in 1961, at the age of 84.

  • Meeting the Ghosts in the Garret

    Meeting the Ghosts in the Garret

    A visit to a nestbox to ring some Barn Owl chicks, accompanied by RSPB staff and volunteers - a treat for all to meet such special birds close up.

  • Toby Spall 1954-2020

    Toby Spall 1954-2020

    RMRG has lost its Chairman and stalwart member, Toby Spall, at the too young age of 66. This is a review of his Rye Meads career and contribution.

  • One in a (quarter) million…

    One in a (quarter) million...

    On Saturday 13 July 2019 the Rye Meads Ringing Group (RMRG) reached an amazing milestone. Read on to find out more details.

  • It isn’t Slow, and it isn’t a Worm

    It isn't Slow, and it isn't a Worm

    When you go to do a ringing session, you never know what you might encounter. And sometimes it isn't just birds - sometimes it's reptiles!

  • A close encounter with Tawny Owlets

    A close encounter with Tawny Owlets

    A report on the ringing of our latest brood of Tawny Owls at Rye Meads, from the owl box beside the Scrape

  • Managing our nestboxes

    Managing our nestboxes

    We monitor and maintain more than eighty nestboxes of various types. National Nestbox Week is a good time to share details of how we look after ours.

  • Ringing is sometimes a drag!

    Ringing is sometimes a drag!

    Drag netting can be hard work, but it's the best way to catch one of our most enigmatic waders - the secretive Jack Snipe.

  • Drabs and Dribs

    Drabs and Dribs

    What happens when you get up early on a cold December morning to count the dribs and drabs of the bird world, that you don't normally raise the binoculars for? Brian Milligan found out.


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