Greenfinch - adult male

Controls are birds ringed elsewhere which we subsequently catch at Rye Meads. We control a lot fewer birds than we get recoveries from those that we ring, but it is always exciting to catch a bird with a strange ring, especially if that ring is from a foreign ringing scheme.

The details can sometimes take a while to come through to us, but here are some of the more interesting Controls whose ringing details have been notified to the Group.

  • One in a (quarter) million…

    One in a (quarter) million...

    On Saturday 13 July 2019 the Rye Meads Ringing Group (RMRG) reached an amazing milestone. Read on to find out more details.

  • March – April 2019

    March - April 2019

    This period saw the first record of our 228th species, a Cattle Egret, and the second record of Common Crane.

  • January – February 2019

    January - February 2019

    In sharp contrast to last year the final week of February included some lovely warm spring days; sadly, the birds found were largely unexciting.

  • What we saw in 2018

    What we saw in 2018

    How did winter mortality, poor migrant return, and difficult breeding conditions affect the species we saw in 2018? Not as you might think!

  • November – December 2018

    November - December 2018

    It was very quiet during this period, with the highlights being Marsh Tit and Water Pipit. Even the everyday birds seemed to be scarcer than usual for the time of year.

  • It isn’t Slow, and it isn’t a Worm

    It isn't Slow, and it isn't a Worm

    When you go to do a ringing session, you never know what you might encounter. And sometimes it isn't just birds - sometimes it's reptiles!