Greenfinch - adult male

Controls are birds ringed elsewhere which we subsequently catch at Rye Meads. We control a lot fewer birds than we get recoveries from those that we ring, but it is always exciting to catch a bird with a strange ring, especially if that ring is from a foreign ringing scheme.

The details can sometimes take a while to come through to us, but here are some of the more interesting Controls whose ringing details have been notified to the Group.

  • Observations – July-August 2020

    Observations - July-August 2020

    This has been a pretty low key autumn for birds, with early departures of local birds and migrants coming through at a trickle; but there's always something of interest!

  • Observations – March-June 2020

    Observations - March-June 2020

    Bird recording in this period was limited to 14 days in March and 40 days in May and June - so what did we observe in this period?

  • Meeting the Ghosts in the Garret

    Meeting the Ghosts in the Garret

    A visit to a nestbox to ring some Barn Owl chicks, accompanied by RSPB staff and volunteers - a treat for all to meet such special birds close up.

  • Toby Spall 1954-2020

    Toby Spall 1954-2020

    RMRG has lost its Chairman and stalwart member, Toby Spall, at the too young age of 66. This is a review of his Rye Meads career and contribution.

  • Ringing review of 2019

    Ringing review of 2019

    Highlights included record annual totals for Coal Tit, Blue Tit, Robin, Reed Warbler; and equal record for Tawny Owl.

  • January – February 2020

    January - February 2020

    The weather was wild, wet and windy, but the birding was generally quiet; nevertheless there were a few highlights.