Greenfinch - adult male

Controls are birds ringed elsewhere which we subsequently catch at Rye Meads. We control a lot fewer birds than we get recoveries from those that we ring, but it is always exciting to catch a bird with a strange ring, especially if that ring is from a foreign ringing scheme.

The details can sometimes take a while to come through to us, but here are some of the more interesting Controls whose ringing details have been notified to the Group.

  • Ringing review of 2017

    Ringing highlights included 10 Little Grebes, 3 Great Crested Grebes, Nightingale and Tree Pipit, and records for Black-headed Gull, Blue Tit, Chiffchaff and Goldfinch.

  • From Iceland to Israel – our birds go a long way!

    Black-tailed Godwits

    Here are some of the more informative bird movements to and from Rye Meads reported in the past year as identified by ringing, covering eight countries and two continents!

  • Drabs and Dribs

    Looking for another Dunnock...

    What happens when you get up early on a cold December morning to count the dribs and drabs of the bird world, that you don't normally raise the binoculars for? Brian Milligan found out.

  • September – October 2017

    Hot Spots in September and October included Spotted Crake and Spotted Flycatcher! A reasonable Autumn period except for Hirundines.

  • July – August 2017

    Rounding up pullus ducks in the South Lagoons

    Our Nightingales and Little Ringed Plovers have bred, and some unusual Autumn visitors pass through

  • May – June 2017

    The Sluice - an area of the Works

    A new site record for Mute Swan, a wealth of waders, Whin and Stone together, and do we have breeding Nightingales?