RMRG - studying the birds of Rye Meads

We are a volunteer group whose mission is to study the birds of Rye Meads, Hertfordshire (United Kingdom), by trapping and ringing them, logging sightings, conducting breeding surveys, and recording all nests found. We have been studying this site since 1960 and have data on more than a quarter of a million birds ringed, and have published many papers based on this data. This website presents a summary of the birds, ringing data and activities of the Group.

News & Events

Ringing demonstration - migrants
Saturday 3rd September 2016 - 8am to 10am

This is a fantastic opportunity to see our summer visitors as they prepare to fly south for the winter.  You can also hear about their amazing journeys.  Booking is essential and can be done via the RSPB; click here for more details.



Ringing Hut

About us

Find out about our activities and history, about Rye Meads itself, and see galleries showcasing the site and the birds.

RM SCES net site

Recent activities

A blog of the Group's activities, and some of our findings and ideas. Here is the latest post:

  • Every picture tells a story…

    This circle of feathers was found at Rye Meads last month. Clearly a bird has met an untimely end, but what more can we deduce from this crime scene?

The Scrape at Rye Meads


A synopsis of the interesting sightings of birds at Rye Meads over the past year. Here is the latest post:

  • Mar – Apr 2016

    Yellow, black and red were themes of the period, with the headlines provided by a long-staying Yellow-browed Warbler.

ringing greenfinch

Ringing and Results

Find out about the birds ringed at Rye Meads and what we have learnt about their movements as a result. Here is the latest post:

Demo of ringing

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