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19th Report for 2010-2012 now published
This contains the usual systemmatic list of observations as well as full details of our ringing and recoveries for the period, and reports on breeding surveys and our Constant Effort Sites. Papers include an update on the breeding status of all our breeding species, and an update on the Heteroptera (True-Bugs) of Rye Meads, plus a review celebrating 50 years of ringing at Rye Meads. The Report is free for Members and Friends, so if you would like a copy you know what to do...

Updates to pages on this site
All details for ringing for 2014 are now on the Ringing pages, and the Observations up to April have been updated. More complete and more up to date information is available in the Bulletin published free for Members and Friends.

The Rye Meads Partnership

Rye Meads Partnership

A collaboration between RSPB, HMWT, Natural England, the Environment Agency, Thames Water and RMRG working for the benefit of the birds of Rye Meads.

Welcome to the RMRG web site

We are a volunteer group whose mission is to study the birds of Rye Meads, Hertfordshire (United Kingdom), particularly by trapping and ringing them. This site presents a summary of the birds, ringing data and activities of the Group.

For a more detailed description of the activities of the Group, see About RMRG. You can also find here a description of the site, and photographs not only of the site but also of some of the birds we catch.

Highlights of birds seen at Rye Meads this year can be found in the Observations section. Members and Friends of the Group receive more details in our Bulletin; click here to find out how to join.

For information about birds we have ringed, go to our Ringing Totals page. This shows details of the last complete year, and we also have a summary interpreting the previous year's highlights. In addition, a review of the Group's contribution to the national totals based on the most recently issued Ringing Scheme report can be found here.

A summary of birds ringed at Rye Meads and reported from elsewhere - and vice versa - can be found at Recoveries.

If you wish to contact the Group, by email or by letter or phone, details are in Contacts.

If you are not already a ringer but are interested in becoming one, then click here for information on how to become a trainee of the Group.

Information for ringing members and trainees, including planned ringing sessions, is available here (login required).

Finally, for links to other bird web sites that may interest you, see our Links page.

Cover of Birds of Rye Meads

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