RMRG - studying the birds of Rye Meads

We are a volunteer group whose mission is to study the birds of Rye Meads, Hertfordshire (United Kingdom), by trapping and ringing them, logging sightings, conducting breeding surveys, and recording all nests found.

We have been studying this site since 1960 and have data on more than a quarter of a million birds ringed, and have published many papers based on this data.

This website presents a summary of the birds, ringing data, and activities of the Group.

For more pictures, see our galleries of the site, the birds, other fauna and the flora.

News & Events

Spring migrants are coming, and the breeding season is upon us!

A Black-tailed Godwit on the Scrape at Rye Meads

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Recent activities

A blog of the Group's activities, and some of our findings and ideas. Here is the latest post:

  • Tales from the Slick

    Tales from the Slick

    Scillies pelagic - or, Three Men in a Boat! Alan Harris recounts the experiences of an RMRG expedition to see pelagic seabirds off Scilly.

Ringing and Results

Find out about the birds ringed at Rye Meads and what we have learnt about their movements as a result. Here is the latest post:

  • Ringing Review of 2021

    Ringing Review of 2021

    A bad breeding season, no access to Thames Water land, further Covid restrictions... Ringing totals were low, but where were the bright spots?

Latest posts
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About us

Ringing Hut

Find out about our activities and history, about Rye Meads itself, and see galleries showcasing the site and the birds.


A synopsis of the interesting sightings of birds at Rye Meads. Here is the latest post:

  • November-December 2021

    November-December 2021

    This was a quiet period: wildfowl seemed to desert us, and winter visitors were low in number. But we did set a site record for one species...

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Demo of ringing

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The Rye Meads Partnership

The Rye Meads Partnership
is a group of interested parties which co-operates in the management of habitat and the means of studying the birds of all of the Rye Meads area. The partners are:

Rye Meads Ringing Group
Thames Water
Environment Agency
Natural England


The Birds of Rye Meads
is a fascinating book with information from 40 years of bird study.

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